5 global airlines that serve the tastiest, most lip-smacking meals

One of these airlines takes the help of Michelin chefs, while another has a chef in starched whites and towering toque greeting passengers onboard

5 global airlines that serve the tastiest, most lip-smacking meals
Children enjoying food on an Emirates Airlines flight. Image courtesy: Emirates Airlines

We eat when we are happy, we eat when we are sad. We eat during festivities and we eat in misery. Basically, we eat in any and every situation. And who’s your companion during travel? Not your backpack, but your food.

And if you too are among those who are always in a state of wanderlust, food on a flight will be an important part of your travel stories. Travellers, for a long time, have complained about the quality of food in flights, but not anymore.

In-flight meals are no longer bland or over-salted. The dynamic needs of the passengers are being catered to in a much-personalised manner even as we have entered the 101st year of in-flight meal services.

Here are five best airline meals from across the world:

1. Emirates Airlines

It is no surprise that one of the world’s most elite airlines has made it to this list. Emirates has an onboard meal service just to make your culinary experience more exciting.

In-flight meal served by Emirates Airlines. Image courtesy: Pinterest

On Emirates, there is something for everyone, from first-class passengers to economy passengers. Fine wines to cocktail-lined menus, smoked tuna, marinated vegetable salad, chocolates, cheese and puddings. The Emirates menu will spoil you for choice.

2. EVA Air 

Taiwan’s leading independent airline EVA Air flies to over 60 international destinations across Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Eva Air's in-flight meals are light, healthy, and packed with exotic flavours, and the airline regularly collaborates with famous, and sometimes Michelin, chefs for its onboard menu.

The Hello Kitty meal onboard an EVA Air flight. Image courtesy: Pinterest

The airline has an extensive menu for pre-ordering meals and vintage champagne. For EVA’s in-flight meals, flavours change every month.

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There are chocolate and fruit pound cakes, and on some routes, passengers are even treated from the century-old French bakery PAUL.

3. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers its passengers the opportunity to order their meals well in advance. Their 'Book the Cook' option offers a variety of Western, Asian and ethnic dishes.

In-flight meal served by Singapore Airlines. Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Economy class passengers also benefit from the airline’s selection of food menu. From potato salad with baby shrimp to wok-fried chicken and bamboo shoots in sesame oil, Singapore Airlines provides a constantly-changing menu.

4. Qatar Airways

Food served on a Qatar Airways plane. Image courtesy: Youtube

For the luxurious Qatar Airways, not just good meals, but a clean environment is important as well.

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The meals in economy class are served in trays and boxes that are recyclable and passengers get to enjoy fresh salad starters, regional dips like hummus and can choose between three types of main courses. Qatar Airways also serves Indian dishes like pakoras and Malaysian chicken curry.

5. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, with a fleet of over 300 aircraft, operates in almost 120 countries. Depending on your departure and flight time, meals include both hot and cold options.

In-flight meal served by Turkish Airlines. Image courtesy: Turkish Airlines website

A chef in starched whites and towering toque greets passengers boarding the aircraft as if welcoming them to a restaurant experience. From fresh olives, chicken varieties, almond cakes, to an extensive champagne and wine menu, and the choicest of entrée menu, Turkish Airlines’ in-flight meals definitely have a separate fan base.