Pinned by Covid? 5 restaurants that won't let you miss flying

From eating in a 'hangar' to dining in a dysfunctional Boeing 737, these restaurants have a lot in store for aviation enthusiasts

Pinned by Covid? 5 restaurants that won't let you miss flying
Runway 1 in Delhi serves food inside an actual plane. Image courtesy: Facebook/Runway 1

In the past decade or so, there has been a major shift in how people travel. Flying has become more affordable due to the entry of budget airlines in the global market. And food served in planes has transformed from being bland, tasteless stuff to being almost a Michelin star gourmet experience.  

And now, since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, a ban on travel to a lot of countries has led to travel enthusiasts missing out on the fun and thrill of being in a plane and eating airline food. But worry no more; we have compiled a list of aviation-themed restaurants that you can go to if you miss flying.

If you want to have a one-of-a-kind dining experience, you should try the scrumptious food and enjoy the amazing ambience at these themed restos.

1. Runway34 (Zurich, Switzerland)

Customers dine under a Russian propeller aircraft at Runway34. Image courtesy: Tripadvisor

The idea for an aviation-themed restaurant and the concept for this -- one which incorporated the glamour of flying and travelling -- was born in the mid-1990s.

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Eat in a 'hangar' under a Russian propeller aircraft and watch aeroplanes take off from the Zurich airport. Runway 34 takes you on a culinary journey all around the world. The restaurant also offers you interesting packages for exciting activities all around the airport.

2. Plane Bistro Manila (The Philippines)

Customers at Plane Bistro Manila. Image courtesy: Facebook/Plane Bistro Manila

As its name suggests, Plane Bistro Manila is an aeroplane-themed restaurant that lets you 'fly' to different destinations worldwide without actually lifting off the ground.

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You can also taste different flavours from all over the world with the wide array of cuisines, such as Japanese, Korean, Mexican and American, offered at the resto.

3. Runway 1 (Rohini, Delhi)

Runway 1 in Delhi is India's very own aviation-themed restaurant. Image courtesy: Zomato

If you are bored with regular cafes and restaurants, this restaurant serves food inside an actual plane and is the perfect place for everyone. The aircraft is 15-years-old and can accommodate up to 100 people at a time.

There is also space for people to sit on the wings and have dinner while enjoying the weather outside. The plane is surrounded by water on all sides, beyond which are beautiful green lawns. Add to that the pretty lights, and the entire view becomes too good to be true.

4. Thai Airways's pop-up eatery (Bangkok, Thailand)

Thai Airways' pop-up restaurant. Image courtesy: Lonely Planet/Thai Airways

If you are missing the in-flight food menu too much, Thai Airways has you covered. Thailand’s national carrier has transformed the cafeteria of its Bangkok office into a pop-up restaurant, which now serves the airline’s in-flight menu.

The restaurant is decorated with spare aeroplane parts and airline seating has replaced traditional dining chairs. The customers can also interact with the chef and 'cabin crew' while they chomp on the delicious food.

5. Lily Airways (Wuhan, China)

A defunct Boeing 737 was converted into a restaurant named Lily Airways. Image courtesy: Tripadvisor 

While Wuhan has been in the news globally because of being the epicentre of Covid-19, it is also the most important commercial centre in the Hubei province of China. But the reason it made to our list is Lily Airways.

A dysfunctional Boeing 737 was brought over from Indonesia, plunked in a shopping centre, and converted into a fine-dining restaurant named Lily Airways.